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    Fried Chicken

    Country Coco

    Fried Chicken

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    Fried Chicken

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About Us

Good food brings all generations together on the table.

Good food also opens a conversation of various cultures.

We would like to be the table which has real Korean traditional food so that the first generation tells their stories to next generation reminiscing taste of their old days. Furthermore, we hope we serve the best time a variety of culture and ethnic group meet together enjoying our food.

Our chicken comes from local farm mostly every 2 days so it is always fresh. Our sauces are made everyday then aged for their own time to be rich and savory. If tradition is added on fresh and rich, we believe the dishes are eligible to be said as good food.

We are not fusion dishes. We would like to pave the way for communication of all generations and cultures with our real traditional taste.



5PM-10PM 5PM-9PM Closed

(780) 761-3334